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DocSite Intructions


What is DocSite?

DocSite is a web application that turns Google Docs into web pages. It can even turn folders of multiple google docs into a multi-page website. To play, print

How to use DocSite

DocSite is pretty rough around the edges, but here's a simple guide to getting started

  1. Sign up at
  2. Confirm your email
  3. Go to “Account” and click “Sign in with Google”
  4. Confirm the Google stuff
  5. Go to the Sites page
  6. Click “New Site”
  7. Pick an option for either a single page (doc) or multi page (folder) site
  8. Select the doc or folder you want to turn into a website
  9. Confirm the “Project Name” looks like the url you want, or change it. Your project will be located at “”
  10. Wait a few seconds
  11. Click “Publish Site”
  12. Wait a few more seconds
  13. Visit your new website!

Shoot me an email if anything doesn't work.