Elliot Plant


About Me

I'm a full stack software engineer who builds apps that change the way people see the world. I've built distributed systems, responsive front ends, and intuitive tools. I work with technologies that run on browsers, blockchains, phones, and servers.

I've worked extensively on both the back and front ends of low latency applications, created APIs with a variety of transport protocols, maintained SQL and noSQL databases, and built tools to support, deploy, and monitor everything I put into produciton.

I'm most comfortable writing in Go, Javascript, and Python, but I will always take the opportunity to learn a new language. I have extensive experience navigating AWS, DataDog, React, Webpack, Node, Git and much more.

As long as I'm learning, I'm happy.

Uphold (acquired from Bitbridge)

Backend Software Engineer

I am part of the small team of engineers responsible for managing users assets in the company reserve on fiat, cryptocurrency, and metals exchanges. In my time here I have have owned several projects, mainly in low latency connectivity to those exchanges and analysis of data gathered from those connections.
Go | Python | Node | Ubuntu | Dev Ops

Bitbridge (acquired by Uphold)

Frontend Software Engineer

At Bitbridge I created the UI for the LXDX cryptocurrency exchange and it's connection to the exchange's websocket API. Sadly, the exchange had to shut down, but I learned an incredible amount about building tools for finance and trading.
React | JavaScript | Python | AWS


Software Engineer Mentor

I fixed an incredibly wide array of engineering problems as a mentor on the CodeMentor platform, and I'd be happy to tell you some wild stories about those problems.
React | JavaScript | Python | Webpack | Git | Atom | VS Code


Frontend Software Engineer

I built Index's front end for their business and consumer products with Angular 2 and TypeScript. I began as the sole contributor and managed the team as it grew to five engineers with a variety of skillsets.
Angular 2 | TypeScript | Webpack


I've written a few articles on both software and hardware engineering - read them at your own risk


You can find the source code for all of my open source projects on my github


Celestial Dance

A virtual reality orbital mechanics simulation built with A-Frame VR and React. Featured on the weekly A-Frame blog, and my favorite project I've actually finished.

Contact Elliot Plant

Feel free to email me to provide some feedback on my projects, offer suggestions for new ideas, or to just say hello!