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Janus is a simple screen camera, screen, and microphone audio recorder with no time limits and no cloud storage. Outputs .WebM or .mp4 files. An install once and use forever alternative to Loom. No cloud, no subscription, no time limits. Check out the code.

Isn't this the same as Loom?

Janus lets you record your screen, microphone audio, and camera simultaneously. Like Loom, you can use it to record visual demos with ease. Unlike loom, there's no limit on your recording times and the output of the recording is a file you can share however you like.

Janus is an Electron-based desktop application designed to offer streamlined screen recording functionalities with integrated camera feed. Its user-friendly interface and efficient recording process make it ideal for creating tutorials, presentations, or any screen-related content.

Unlike Loom, Janus does not require a paid subscription, and it outputs is files directly on your computer instead of putting them in a proprietary cloud.

How can I use it?

I've made a release for macOS that you can download here. Once downloaded, unzip the file and put it in your /Applications directory. When you start the app, you'll need to grant it permission to record your screen, camera, and microphone.

If you want the try it but you don't use macOS, let me know and I can make a different binary for you.