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DocSite is a tool I built that turns Google Docs or Google Drive folders into web pages and web sites.

Why did I make it?

I have a friend who writes a lot, but only likes to write in MS Word. No twitter, no markdown, no blogging platforms. DocSite was an attempt to make it easy for him to host a website of his own instead of email his friends .docx files.

How does it work?

Once you've created an account and granted DocSite access to your Google Drive, you can select any file or folder you'd like to turn into a website. DocSite's servers (currently hosted on Cloudflare):

  • Download your doc as HTML
  • Extracts images to store in a file bucket
  • Add a bit of code to make the HTML mobile friendly
  • Edit the links to remove Google's tracking parameters
  • Stores the modified HTML to a static file bucket on cloudflare.

If you select a Drive folder instead of a Doc, then the servers recursively navigate through your folder tree and publish all of the docs nested in that folder.

How did I get custom subdomain DNS working?

Cloudflare has a cool DNS feature that let's you host wildcard DNS records. This let me utilize the subdomain at request time to serve the appropriate HTML file.

Want to try it?

I would love if someone else tried it. I think DocSite is really cool, and I'm eager to help someone get online with it.