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Netlify Functions + Planetscale

This might be the best app combo for free tier stuff.

Restricted Routes with React Router

We want to make React components that act like React Router's Route component but are connected to our Redux store and redirect users to a safe place if they try to access restricted content.

JavaScript Module Resolution

Modules make code cleaner, more reusable, and more fun to work with. They let you separate your JavaScript into separate files and they protect you and everyone else on your team from muddying up the global scope. It's also worth considering the fact that the dinosaurs didn't use modules and now they're extinct.

How I learned TypeScript

I had to learn TypeScript for a job I had gotten, and I was quickly motivated to include it in all of my projects, big and small. I had been developing exclusively in JavaScript, and when I found that TypeScript could easily answer the constant question of "What was the name of the property I'm using?" I fell in love with it.

Hack Reactor Precourse

I got in to Hack Reactor! I didn’t know how nervous I had been until I finally got the acceptance email.

Interview Prep for Hack Reactor

After submitting my application to Hack Reactor (HR) and scheduling my interview over skype, I immediately began to freak out. I had never had a technical coding interview, and I was sure I wouldn’t know enough to pass.

Deciding on Coding Bootcamp

Last August I decided to make a big switch and start a life in the wild west that is the tech industry. Mechanical engineering and manufacturing weren’t for me, and I realized the projects I enjoyed the most in college might actually get me paid. There was even a chance I’d get to ride off into the sunset on my very own unicorn.