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Surf Poster Instructions

How to set up your surf poster

Setting up WiFi

Your surf poster needs WiFi to update. To add your WiFi name and password to the poster, you'll need to:

  1. Plug in your surf poster using the USB cable
  2. Wait about couple minutes for the poster to boot up
  3. Use the WiFi settings on your phone/computer to connect to the "SurfPoster" network. There may be some numbers at the end of the network name.
  4. Enter into the address bar of your phone/computer's web browser
  5. You should see a website with a list of WiFi network names (also known as SSIDs). Pick yours.
  6. Enter the password for that network in the field below, and hit the submit button
  7. Your poster will reboot for about a minute and then connect to your WiFi
  8. At the top of the next hour, you'll see the surf conditions update

If you change your WiFi name or password, you'll need to go through that process again. If you have any questions or if the poster isn't working, please don't hesitate to call.