Elliot Plant
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Cloud Software Engineer

I had the amazing opportunity to work with brilliant engineers at Google on products that stored and processed the petabytes of data required to run Google Cloud.

Java | Data Pipelines | Project Mangement | Cloud Infrastructure


Backend Software Engineer

I was part of the small team of engineers responsible for balancing the company's reserves of fiat, cryptocurrency, and metals. In my time there I have have owned several projects, mainly in low latency connectivity to those exchanges and analysis of data gathered from those connections.

Go | Python | Node | Ubuntu | Dev Ops


Frontend Software Engineer

At Bitbridge I created the UI for the LXDX cryptocurrency exchange and it's connection to the exchange's websocket API. Sadly, the exchange had to shut down, but I learned an incredible amount about building tools for finance and trading.

React | JavaScript | Python | AWS


Software Engineer Mentor

I fixed an incredibly wide array of engineering problems as a mentor on the CodeMentor platform, and I'd be happy to tell you some wild stories about those problems.

React | JavaScript | Python | Webpack | Git | Atom | VS Code


Frontend Software Engineer

I built Index's front end for their business and consumer products with Angular 2 and TypeScript. I began as the sole contributor and managed the team as it grew to five engineers with a variety of skillsets.

Angular 2 | TypeScript | Webpack