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Netlify Functions + Planetscale

This might be the best app combo for free tier stuff.

Why Netlify?

Free lambdas, CDN, impossibly simple deploys. Incredibly generous free tier. If you haven't used them yet, do it now.

Why Planetscale?

When I'm making a small side project, I don't like to deal with DB's at all. I want something like a database API instead of a connection, and Planetscale gives you "Connection Strings". They have an incredibly generous free tier. They have MySQL support, and most other API style DBs only support NoSQL Planetscale has graceful migration, and that's perfect for me.

Create a DB

Follow Planetscale's getting started guide By the end, you should have a planet scale DB with a single users table with one row.

Create a netlify app

Create a Connection String

Update your Netlify function

Now when you hit your function endpoint, you will successfully get the user you added in the Planetscale getting started guide. Isn't that awesome!?